Kalahari Red Goats Farming in Nigeria – All You Should Know About These Breeds

kalahari red goats
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  1. Tbaba says:

    I have always thought of doing this. Can you send your details to me so that we can talk? Thanks

  2. adebola idowu says:

    Pls kindly get in touch on this

  3. Pls I want learn Kalahari red goat farming. Thank u

  4. ADUKU Ganiyu says:

    I need these goats also, kindly send me your details and I’m also in need of Boer goats. Thanks

  5. Abdulmujeeb says:

    I want to go into Animal farming, starting with this red goat will be just fine.
    The main problem is fund or let me say capital.
    I’m an undergraduate students of English but agriculture is my dream.

  6. Akonde Ebenezer says:

    Interesting piece.
    How do I get these breeds?
    Kindly contact me or provide your contact details.
    Thank you

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